Since a few weeks there is a new store design – with larger images to give you a better feel of the products.

I´m currently thinking about a few skin-deisgns for the PORCEPLANEv.01 and maybe a even a few new T-Shirts – let´s see!


Mountain study


Mountains-DREAMIN-03Not much updates here since the release of the PORCEPLANEv.01 _

Since we´ve moved here to London a lot is happening again and I´m exited of the change. It also juiced up my creativity again – leaving my comfort zone in Munich along Audi behind, was definitely a smart decision so far.



PORCEPLANEv.01 _ progress





What has started in January along the Wacom-Companion testimonial is now in pre-order status…


Meanwhile we have moved to London and the PORECPLANEv.01 is currently in its last steps to be produced in a run of only 50pcs. I´m currently thinking about making a few in black. Packaging Layout and graphics have to be made and then send off to Limoges for production. It´s a great experience to have a product made in Europe. The quality is very nice. I´ll try to blog about the next step – as soon as possible.

ZARA x MIJA by FlatauPhotography


Tow years ago I bought a camera and started to focus on street-style photography – of my wife for her Blog. A few days ago ZARA has released a new collection of  T-Shirts with a set of photos that I took . I quite like what they did with them. Here a few images out of their online shop.

Zara-Tshirt_FLATAU_02_BLOG Zara-Tshirt_FLATAU_05_BLOG Zara-Tshirt_FLATAU_06_BLOG

Zara-Tshirt_FLATAU_03_BLOGZara-Tshirt_FLATAU_08_BLOG Zara-Tshirt_FLATAU_09_BLOGZara-Tshirt_FLATAU_10_BLOG Zara-Tshirt_FLATAU_11_BLOG Zara-Tshirt_FLATAU_BLOG




Titel_WACOMvsYOUFebruar 2014 – I came across the new WACOM Companion/Cintiq. After testing it for a while and reviewing several product clips – I had the feeling that It would be nice to show my feeling of the product within a video. With the aim to show that the “Companion is not a toy” – while being a portable workstation with no compromise.

FRGMNTZ-01_WACOM-COMPANION_vs.YOUI came up with a concept I believed would be interesting and contacted WACOM EUROPE. They where quite exited and open to my concept and intention to create a Testimonial. From there I contacted my colleagues and friends who’s work I admire since years, Chris from and DanielGrundPhotography – asking them if they would be up to shoot what I had in my mind – aka FRGMNTZ.POP-UP_WACOMvs.YOUFrom here on we started the quite tough timeline of 12-days, me creating artwork digital to analog from 2D to 3D and directing the guys how I´d like to everything captured while changing locations….


and finally setting up the 2-day Pop-Up gallery.



To see the result you might jump here to YOUTUBE or VIMEO.

The creative outcome such as artworks displayed, as well as a few T-Shirts, are currently available in the STORE.

Prototypes as the 3-D printed PORCEPLANEv.01, PORCEPLANEv.02 and the hand-crafted SPRAYCANDLE will follow by end of 2014.

I enjoy such short project collaborations that take place during my holidays a lot – and I guess there are more to come.


FORM N°254 stylewriting


The newest FORM N°254 is focused on STYLEWRITING! They have featured one page of my works as FLATAU/THESIGNER with the focus on my transportation design stuff in the foreground and my “URBAN-AESTHETICS” as I prefer to call them as the resource in the background.


You can read the article here FORM#254-STYLEWRITING or buy it online HERE.