The past 12-Days where quite exhausting, but a lot of fun! Thanks to everybody who showed interest and had time to drop by! For everybody who missed it, no worries as there is a little flick in the making. Here some impressions of the opening.




Here is a shot of me 3D modeling the PPLANEv.01 that I will exhibit in a few days here in Munich within my show called FRGMNTZ.


I used to carry my Cintiq 21UX along my MacBookPro with me for such sessions. Since I tried the new Wacom COMPANION the whole process is just so much more enjoyable. The space on my small table up there is much better organized and there is no need to carry all the equipment around.

Setup is super quick and the Companion has a good performance and handling on top. THANKS WACOM, for finally realizing such professional product!




I am just now creating various 3-D Typography Fragments. The result will be presented here in Munich next week, besides a few prototypes of up coming vs.YOU products.


Looking forward to see you if you`re in town!

2025 – WRC T-SHIRT competition


SIMKOM is the 1st cardesign sketch site that had been out there! Marek transferred the concept from Graffiti-magazines to the car-design world and created a culture. A website full of visual content, one sketch or rendering next to the other.

A couple days ago he started a competition for a T-Shirt design, based on the concept of an WRC-RallyCar in 2025. I thought it would be a great chance to to try the WACOM COMPANION. I was quite happy with the performance of the tablet. Here a few impressions of the result.



I jumped on a old-design of mine, that I learned to like over the past years – working on “real-world” cardesign on a daily basis. I think it would work quite well on a T-Shirt!

The competition is ON NOW , ending Friday 23rd January. You can VOTE via your “like”  -  here on the FB-page: CLICK HERE

There are some cool submissions – have a look!



A few weeks ago, end of 2013, I had received a WACOM COMPANION – a device that a lot of creatives had been waiting for, so was I ! Here a little background.

Over 15-years I am useing WACOM products now. From the purple Intuos Tablets, 15″ PL-Series during my studies that I carried with me around the globe in a Peli-Case, to various Cintiq`s. Yes, even one of the first Tablet-MAC`s  called MODBOOK –  13″MacBook with a WACOM screen on top. For sure I-Pad and even I-Phone sketching had to be tested. The I-Pad was sold quite fast again, as it just didn’t feel right to me. My main problem is, the lack of precision on the digital devices – or their ergonomics while useing.

So, I finally got stuck with my 21″UX WACOM Cintiq. It has the right size and pressure sensitivity and no shizzly screen-resolution. The advantage is that I have the same setup in the studio as at home.

But – when I´m on the run I was missing a digital sketching device lately. I was almost about to get an I-Pad again – but was some kind of afraid to just get an entertainment toy again.

HERE comes the Wacom Companion!


I tried the Companion Hybrid – but send it back, as it just didn’t feel right. I had a flashback to the 12″ Cintiq, besides it had less cables! The Hybrid can be used as an external screen/Cintiq, in my case, together with a MBP. If it´s not connected it runs Android. AND THAT`S WHERE THE MISTAKE IS! The only App that I felt was useful, SketchBookPro. For me it just didn`t feel right.

SO – two days later I received the COMPANION with WINDOWS. Honestly, I was not afraid at all – as I just wanted a tool that runs professional software on the go. So far I am very surprised by this version! So nice to have no cables around and all the software you want to run. I´m not a big fan of APP`s – I prefer to use the same software I use in the studio. That keeps my workflow simple. Maybe, I´m just getting old ;)

stay tuned!