16inch QEE / TOY2R

The first DIY ( Do it Yourself ) Toy I´ve done so far for a other figure besides my own.

The concept was to merge the classic THEvs.YOU and the current version CHARGED within one Design.

The essence created this gold/black polygon design, while some polygons received a gloss finish for the final touch.

Current owner is collector SELIM VAROL / TOYKIO.

Qee_THESIGNER-detail vsYOU_Qee-008 vsYOU_Qee-007 vsYOU_Qee-006 vsYOU_Qee-005 vsYOU_Qee-004 gold_011 Qee_FLATAU-THESIGNER_custom gold_008 gold_009 gold_001 gold_005 vsYOU_Qee-003 vsYOU_Qee-001