Fotos within this spontaneous shot Lookbook are made by Christian Brecheis. The idea was simply to get a few shots to display some of the 2011 T-Shirt lineup.As I don`t like to appear on photos myself – I rather like my works to speak and show off their self  – I grabbed my Trooper helmet and off we went. Maybe I get a few folks together the next time – so it dose not appear so evil – does it?

The Lookbook_011:

– vs.YOU – ATTITUDE T-Shirt shot with infamous Graffiti Artist LOOMIT in his Studio.

– ATTITUDE_011 in front of my Buick Skylark 1970 as well as in front of my FIGHT Graffiti done a couple days before.

– TF/IN – The Future is Now glow in the dark Shirt doing some VY Light-Graffiti.

Buick Skylark 1970 and Thesigner as vs.YOU-Trooper PETROL_SKYLARK_2012 BUICK_SKYLARK - BAVARIA vs_YOU_2012_c_Brecheis-4564 FLATAU FLORIAN loomit-attitude_011-03 loomit-attitude_011-02 loomit-attitude_011-01 FLATAU FLORIAN FLATAU FLORIAN FLATAU FLORIAN vs_YOU_2012_c_Brecheis-5064 vs.YOU - THE FUTURE IS NOW. Light-Graffiti vs_YOU_2012_c_Brecheis-5088