ZARA x MIJA by FlatauPhotography


Tow years ago I bought a camera and started to focus on street-style photography – of my wife for her Blog. A few days ago ZARA has released a new collection of  T-Shirts with a set of photos that I took . I quite like what they did with them. Here a few images out of their online shop.

Zara-Tshirt_FLATAU_02_BLOG Zara-Tshirt_FLATAU_05_BLOG Zara-Tshirt_FLATAU_06_BLOG

Zara-Tshirt_FLATAU_03_BLOGZara-Tshirt_FLATAU_08_BLOG Zara-Tshirt_FLATAU_09_BLOGZara-Tshirt_FLATAU_10_BLOG Zara-Tshirt_FLATAU_11_BLOG Zara-Tshirt_FLATAU_BLOG