2025 – WRC T-SHIRT competition


SIMKOM is the 1st cardesign sketch site that had been out there! Marek transferred the concept from Graffiti-magazines to the car-design world and created a culture. A website full of visual content, one sketch or rendering next to the other.

A couple days ago he started a competition for a T-Shirt design, based on the concept of an WRC-RallyCar in 2025. I thought it would be a great chance to to try the WACOM COMPANION. I was quite happy with the performance of the tablet. Here a few impressions of the result.



I jumped on a old-design of mine, that I learned to like over the past years – working on “real-world” cardesign on a daily basis. I think it would work quite well on a T-Shirt!

The competition is ON NOW , ending Friday 23rd January. You can VOTE via your “like”  –  here on the FB-page: CLICK HERE

There are some cool submissions – have a look!



A few weeks ago, end of 2013, I had received a WACOM COMPANION – a device that a lot of creatives had been waiting for, so was I ! Here a little background.

Over 15-years I am useing WACOM products now. From the purple Intuos Tablets, 15″ PL-Series during my studies that I carried with me around the globe in a Peli-Case, to various Cintiq`s. Yes, even one of the first Tablet-MAC`s  called MODBOOK –  13″MacBook with a WACOM screen on top. For sure I-Pad and even I-Phone sketching had to be tested. The I-Pad was sold quite fast again, as it just didn’t feel right to me. My main problem is, the lack of precision on the digital devices – or their ergonomics while useing.

So, I finally got stuck with my 21″UX WACOM Cintiq. It has the right size and pressure sensitivity and no shizzly screen-resolution. The advantage is that I have the same setup in the studio as at home.

But – when I´m on the run I was missing a digital sketching device lately. I was almost about to get an I-Pad again – but was some kind of afraid to just get an entertainment toy again.

HERE comes the Wacom Companion!


I tried the Companion Hybrid – but send it back, as it just didn’t feel right. I had a flashback to the 12″ Cintiq, besides it had less cables! The Hybrid can be used as an external screen/Cintiq, in my case, together with a MBP. If it´s not connected it runs Android. AND THAT`S WHERE THE MISTAKE IS! The only App that I felt was useful, SketchBookPro. For me it just didn`t feel right.

SO – two days later I received the COMPANION with WINDOWS. Honestly, I was not afraid at all – as I just wanted a tool that runs professional software on the go. So far I am very surprised by this version! So nice to have no cables around and all the software you want to run. I´m not a big fan of APP`s – I prefer to use the same software I use in the studio. That keeps my workflow simple. Maybe, I´m just getting old ;)

stay tuned!



I`ve done a few sketches of a few abstract pieces I am looking forward to continue. They are mainly based around the alphabetic structures of  – FLAT – or go beyond.


This kind of works/studies and ideation is ULTRA RELAXING for me – so I enjoy them a lot in my spare time.



Porcelain Cap

This is the first ever PORCELAIN-CAP – but the idea behind and along it will make it more interesting in the future, I guess. Lets see towards what kind of collaboration this ideation might lead _



I want to THANK YOU for your interest and support in 2013 and the previous years!


As 2013 started with the Attitude Shirt “FIGHT” – it turned out to be a year full of challenges, less creative and more organizing.

The 16inch porcelain CHARGED, that was supposed to become the 10-YEAR  ANNIVERSARY EDITION – turned out to become too complicated in production. Various attempts by K.Olin in France had failed. After over a year of errors during the burning process of the figure we had to make the decision to stop the project.

vs.YOU – is running now since over 10-Years! Time to look back how things worked out and look ahead where WE want to take it from here_

There are some new products in the pipe, but also not so easy to get them realized! I guess “vs.YOU” is receiving another dimension. Lets see what 2014 will bring.



I did my so called “annual – wall”,  that I don’t get completely rusty, with the letters I prefer to use lately – FLAT.



My profession as a car designer had a challenge as well, as I decided end of 2012 to move on from interior design to grow experience designing exteriors again. I met some fantastic people and enjoyed the process a lot. I think we had a lot of fun besides “THAT`S THE GAME”. Let´s see what 2014 will bring!



2013 I had a lot of time to enjoy life – The most important – I got engaged and married!

I wish all of you the best for 2014!