A few years ago, while still studying at Pforzheim University (2006) – I was introduced to a site called SIMKOM.COM. A website dedicated to the art & passion of Car-design. Displaying one sketch after the other. An typical layout style I have so far only known from Graffiti magazines, seemed to become the successful principal for others – following SIMKOM`s origin transfer.

After following the online sketch site and being asked to contribute some work, the CARR-MAGAZINE was launched !

carrr-magazine_FLATAUI was happy to be part of the CARR-MAGAZINE next to such famous people as Formula-1 Engineer Adrian Newey .

TODAY – I would like you to jump over to KICK-STARTER and help Marek Simkom and his friends to get the first Carr-Magazine moving ahead!  CLICK HERE watch their story and spread the word!



COLORCLOUDS_04_blogBack in Germany, I thought to bring a bit COLORCLOUDS into the grey. The rain caught me today – so I had to stop. More soon!


Horseshoe Bend


horseshoe-bandThanks Patrick for being such an amazing guide around all these places you shown us – we for sure would have just passed in such short time. Can`t wait for the next ride and trip to come ;) More pictures shared here soon _