TAXI_vehicle-FLATAU_webGot this concept with me for a while – but finally took the time to visualize it a little more detailed. More or less it is a public transport cable car Taxi for the more privileged society. Anyway, sooner or later I hope I can share a bit more of the time and story where this vehicle actually belongs too.

After the previous 962_LeMans sketch/rendering/illustration or whatever you want to categorize such – painting (as I prefer to call it) into – I felt I got a style I would like to start the Taxi visualisation. Something between a rough quick sketch and a clean studio set up. The main thing I added here was the play with depth of field, to set focus on elements that I wanted to read more. Quite handy thing as I could reduce the areas I had to paint – or even tend to overdue it( aka “paint it to death”). The best thing it saved a little time – so I could go out have a break and get some nice coffee :)

So this is what came out. Still a few corners I am not that happy with – but I guess thats a good sign! Think I will get back to that a little later.

I posted some larger images HERE in the ARCHIVE so you get a better impression also how loose it actually still is.


2 thoughts on “FUTURE TAXI

  1. Brad says:

    Truley unbelievable. Do you typically start with line work or just blocks of color. I see some similarities in your rendering style to many russian designers.

  2. Hi Brad,
    Thank you for your interest!
    Sometimes I start with a concrete line drawing and then I color it, pulling the line work more and more out – depending what result I am aiming. For interiors I used to do it like this. But on this Taxi, that is more a free work – it was more a rough digital sketch starting off, working from background to foreground – blocking in the color and finally going into detail.

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