962_Le-Mans-DailyDriver1994_FLATAU-webfew details below – so you see how rough this actually is.962_Le-Mans-FLATAU_detail01 962_Le-Mans-FLATAU_detail02Trying to recover from a little flue – NOT BEING IN THE MOUNTAINS – AHHHH! Sketching with the tablet is quite different, but that`s all the couch allows ;)

( What a nice daily drive this could be on the Isar-Highway towards Schwabing_ parking in the glass cube, starting a creative day, with the view towards such a UFO – “LIVING THE DREAM!” )


3 thoughts on “962_LeMans

  1. benoit guyon says:

    Nice view.

    Real daily driver in Motorhead (japan) movie :

  2. yes, thats a nice movie ;)

  3. Britt says:

    I really enjoy reviewing your post 962_LeMans | GRAFFITI, CARS & TOYS by FLATAU/THESIGNER.

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