Patrick_Faulwetter-PF962_vsYOUYou might have heard of the FULL COLOR / Artist Series of limited Art-Print T-Shirts from recent posts by now. Here a little more detail …

The Idea,

due to the silk-screen printing technique which is the most classic way to print a design on a T-Shirt – there are a few techniques that bring other benefits. Silk-screen prints allow very juicy prints, but finally limit the colors of your design. I actually like to work with such given boundaries – as it influences the design process. BUT, as I always prefer to move on and try new things, the FULL COLOR line was born. The benefit of this line is that there finally is no limit to the use of color. Prints blend in directly with the textile, that means your skin can breath trough out the print.

FULL-COLOR_DETAIL03_webThe first design,

is done together with my buddy Patrick Faulwetter.   – Since our studies at the Pforzheim University, located on the north end of the Black Forest, he is based in sunny Los Angeles. Patrick is currently well know by his impressive plan-air studies he showcases on his BLOG .

One of these on location studies, of a Porsche 962, is creating the fundament of the first FULL COLOR T-Shirt design release. Patrick is an respected concept designer for the entertainment industry, while having his roots in car design.

FULL-COLOR_DETAIL04_webThanks to such things as Skype we could lately stay in transcontinental contact within a daily basis and make this first release P/962 available in a LIMITED-EDITION of only 35pcs, nicely wrapped and boxed.


Make this first print a success for Patrick – and there will be at least two more worth to collect within this series!






FIGHT_shoeDETAIL02_webTrying to make a decision on the lacing system and finalizing several details all around the sneaker. Sculpting the basic volume was not the problem, getting everything together now – is a real time killa!




FEATHERWEIGHT-FIGHT_teaser-webHere is a little preview of a shoe I am working out  –  that will merge several lifestyles to one attitude.




… is the NEW T-Shirt Line aka project, that will be released this Spring. As the Title claims, it will be a line of FULLCOLOR prints. The advantage is – that they are FULLCOLOR. The FULLCOLOR series most advantage is that the ink will directly dye the 100%cotton T-Shirt – within the FULLCOLOR designed areas. Your skin will be able to breath underneath the print – thanks to the technique of the  FULLCOLOR series. So for now, I can tell you – that this Series will be  –  FULLCOLOR !

Ah, almost forgot – did I mention that this Artist Series will be FULLCOLOR!





962_Le-Mans-DailyDriver1994_FLATAU-webfew details below – so you see how rough this actually is.962_Le-Mans-FLATAU_detail01 962_Le-Mans-FLATAU_detail02Trying to recover from a little flue – NOT BEING IN THE MOUNTAINS – AHHHH! Sketching with the tablet is quite different, but that`s all the couch allows ;)

( What a nice daily drive this could be on the Isar-Highway towards Schwabing_ parking in the glass cube, starting a creative day, with the view towards such a UFO – “LIVING THE DREAM!” )






BE AWARE OF YOUR ATTITUDE – vs.YOU  T-Shirts are almost gone !

I have had this re-interpretation of the original Avalanche-Warning sign in mind for several seasons. NOW – Finally had time to print it after a bit of back and forth – choosing the right design.

I decided to go as close as possible to the original sign. Keeping the core message but setting the focus more towards an vs.YOU related perspective. It´s good to push things forward as hard as you can – but there are certain situations where you should just make a step back!

The design is silk-screen printed in the original colors, FLUOR-RED and a deep blue with white on 100%Cotton Shirts, available in White, Solid-Grey and Black.

Few sizes are left, check availability HERE.