JBCB`s – breakin`news :



JukeBoxCowBoys – seems to be located around the dark part of Germany – up north. Their geographical location has not been located neither confirmed yet.

A few weeks ago the Jaggedness Bum Cracked Bastards, have ambushed and occupied a  whole series of cargo trains belonging to the vs.YOU empire strategical goods foundation.

After coating multiple trains with a enormous variation of colored dust-pigments with hi-pressure. They claimed to receive a payment of a couple hundred thousand for the hard work they have coped in advance – AND – in order to free the freight of life essential attitude propaganda goods – that the vs.YOU institution requires for further expansion and patient (also known as customer) healthcare and attitude remembrance.

The head-quater an CEO of vs.YOU was amused by the colorful trains. He was being quite pleased instead of deeply upset – regarding the fact that he had know running his goods in these JustBeautifulColoredBoxes of steel trough-out the whole european railway landscape –  standing out from the others – transporting one of the core messages of the vs.YOU attitude – BRING COLOR INTO YOUR LIFE !

It seemed that the masterplan of the JasperBoysComingBig would not work out. Due to the fact that a highly important object had been within the occupied freight . Its importance was luckily not acknowledged by the JBCB`s – in advantage for the vs.YOU enterprise. ( This object – for your interest – will be in pre-order within the next months, now official confirmed. )

The game was turned on them.

Not willing to transfer the claimed money –  the CEO decided to rather support the JustBadCorporateBehavior they are attempted by and help them to move on while investing in their unique energy, he has seen in them, to work hard and share colorful attitude.

Strategists sat together in several meetings and worked out a kind of propaganda pack. Creating a documentary, in advantage of both parties to display and share their attitude.  The bavarian blooded member called Flying-Fortress was selected to interpret and illustrate a symbol of the given situation. The outcome was humorous. vs.YOU BEARNUCKLE-CHAMPIONS FIGHTIN`-BAYRISH attitude T-Shirt was created, wrapped in silk-paper, boxed in a slim-fit cardboard box besides a bunch of Stickers for propaganda purpose.   –  NOT TO FORGET  –  the multiple paged visual highly stimulating magazine displaying the enormous work they have created up front to pinch money from the vs.YOU empire and others_

The outcome can now be ordered and the refund goes into the institution  – JupportBourCocalBero!

Ok – ENOUGH fairy tale!

With other words, back to reality.   –  JBCB`s first Graffiti-Magazine e v e r  is OUT NOW! Full-color, from gang-wear, brick&steel writing via vandalism to Cowboys on worldwide tour!

ONLY available via the purchase of an vs.YOU – BEARNUCKLE CHAMPIONS T-Shirt (by JBCB`s activist Flying-Förtress) inclusive a bunch of stickers. MUST HAVE!

Here a little insight:



vs.YOU - Research & Step Beyond

Summer vacation is over since a week and it has been a BLAST! We have mastered an almost 3000 km road-trip with the over 40-year old Skylark.From Munich via St.Moritz to Turin to Nice. From Nice via ferry to Corse. Zick-Zack around Corse and from Livorno via Pisa back to Munich.Fuel-prices reaching almost 2.- Euro/Liter could not stop us!

My Brother originally wanted to join us on his Motor-cross. Last decision had lead to the more comfy way –  in his original Allroad ( Audi – A6 ). Also thought of being our mechanical support vehicle including his skills to handle my toolbox. Luckily – the Skylark performed amazingly well and no Tools where required. So he turned out to be more our “mental-support-vehicle”. Dealing with the navigation system, so we could totally relax while cruising AND transporting the always fully stuffed one and only Coleman cooling box :)

I had my first surf ever – and I must say that I am hooked! I bought a SUP board just a day before we left. The first time out on the water was quite unstable. The second time, on the other side of Corse the water was a bit more silent and I could get better balance. Only a day later there where some waves and we spend all day trying and taking one wave after the other! Amazing – once the wave catches you, the board gets super stabile and you can walk back and forth on the board. Finally found something as much fun as powder-rides in the alps!

On the way back to Munich the Brenner and Autobahn was quite empty . As the Buick was warm enough by know and it had done such an amazing performance the last days I decided to give him a chance to have a “GO”. I usually don´t push it any higher than 65 to 75mph( 120 km/h ). BUT – somehow I really wanted to know it and pushed him up to 120mph( 193km/h ) over a period of about 30/45 minutes between starting at the Austrian-German boarder line towards Munich. The Skylark was running amazingly smooth. Finally arrived in Munich in the middle of the night – I had to sneak around the block a couple laps to cool the engine down again_

I´ll try to get a few pictures together to give you an general impression of the time-out. My batteries are fully CHARGED again!


STAGE.01  – ST.MORITZ ( 8:11 am – 9:00 am)