Bikepark Samerberg


… bought myself a new camera a couple weeks ago and took the opportunity to take a few movement shots. Chris Faber havin` a break – releasing the pressure of his daily struggle.

looking forward to post a few more_



Inspired by the Hover-Board from  –  BACK TO THE FUTURE .

I´ve questioned myself   –  WHERE IS MY FUTURE !

HERE you can see a little sequence out of the movie B2TF II –  HOVER-BOARD in action.

Below is what I came up with – regarding that the future has still not arrived and I can`t wait for antigravity to finally come ;)

My version of THE FUTURE IS NOW ( TF/IN ) as it is still ” FUTURE LOADING… ” !

You can find more images within the ARCHIV via this link FUTURE LOADING.

If you are interested in purchasing it  – there are currently 2/3pcs available within the STORE.