This was the first thing I did at the beginning of my diploma.

I sculpted the CCM (1:4) out of clay. The fotos below show the figure without the Colour Machine, where I`ve painted the clay white.Too bad I lost the expressive moment of the figure_

it was standing around for the weeks after and I felt like playing with it. Damn.

I badly feel like doing more!


I actually planed so many things for my diploma and really packed these 12 weeks full of events.
In the beginning a friend of mine, Daniel Grund, invited me to join him to Abu Dhabi for three days. The redBull Air Race season `08 had it`s first race there.

My idea was to talk to some pilots to research soem things for my current degreeproject.
I had the chance to have a chat with some guys beside Mike Mangold_ thanks again for your opinions and input on my thoughts!

Too bad that…

In the end time ran away to finish what I have started_ while the Lamborghini LM-CM 1:4 scale modell took more time then I wanted and actually would have needed.
I guess my attitude during the whole diploma was way to chilled!!
As seen in the pic below to the right, watching the race on the beach.
Just way to much fun just enjoying life and what it brings on_

Anyway, in the end I had some great job oppertunities and are safe now!

So, maybe the whole diploma up and down was just a nother lesson for me _
Thanks again Daniel!

Here some pics I have promised before_

Design Miami/Basel


Just in the last days before I have my diploma presentation… FINALLY**

Last week I had the oppertunity to go to Basel(Switzerland) for three days.
No, not for the EU soccer Cup _ for the Design Miami/Basel where Audi is the main sponsor.

There is a viedocast you can view here or in english here.
It tell you, it`s not funny to see yourself in avideo like this! strange feeling_
(I badly need to get out and do some sports!)

Thereis also a podcast about the Design-Miami/Basel in generell on the audi website/ audi tv.

hope you enjoy_

stay tuned_ I will post my Lamborghini project soon*