School – puh. “dunkeldeutschland” – puh. Hard to keep awake and try to rock a nice project this semester. On top they say it’s gonna be great winter _ you know what that means for me_ Anyway, here are visualisations of the three characters for the ongoing AUDI project. I haven’t drawn figures for a long time so this was a nice practice.


The finally chosen one was THE FAMILY HERO.

Bunch of accessories and future material thinking I had for the scenario of 2038.
The women friendly “H2-RS ” (high-heel-race-sneaker) is one of my personal favourite, while the others are more advanced material and future product appearance related.
The interior itself is getting along and tomorrow I’ll (hopefully) start tape drawing.
By the way, sorry for my English_ but this is for my friends out there who wouldn’t understand a word German. ( besides my german is not better .) )


The image above was the first direction I hav thought of for the BIZ.
You see, I have also adjusted her appearance a bit. Fresher includeing expensiv sleeves (tatoos)
if you look closer.
She`s a really fresh personality and has a sensible taste.
The car is completly out of recycled materials and is on purpose as narrow as it´s original Monza. (…actually there is more to tell, but I´m tired of hitting keys , especially on the “e” a billion times .)) It´s broken. A regular txt would rady lik this if I would just not car about th eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!



The sideview above carries a funny aproach for ThePRINCESS.
Trough diversity of new technologies great packages can be developet, BUT_
the society will not exept any different appearance of a car if we allways show them the
same image. So the idea here is, to work with the traditional proportions but develope a whole
new concept.
The Princess can walk into this car from the front_on her catwalk_ on it`s end ther is a cosy seating lounge waiting for her girltalks or lovely twosome moments _


The Intercity Transportation above, kind of luxury sculptural public transportation, where commuters have to be members and get recognized for a ride via identificational scan.

The idea of the “catamaran-seating” areas for the Quattrostack was born here.


WOW. These colour Bug is strange!
I´ve actually got a couple more images to share but while they upload here they change colour mood .) )
However, the essence still comes along somehow _ just put on your shades .)

potential of accidents


Somehow this is the part I have the most fun during design process_ “abstract -research“as I call it.
I’d love to fill galleries with this stuff_ but the aim at the moment is a different.
In this process I try to hit unexpected shapes, proportions and yes even new materials and combinations. These “splashes” are sometimes even the spark for me to research unknown technologies.
The image above is pure accident in first place,
But maybe you can see the pope in his white coat sitting in the arriving rocket chair,
just enfolding the landing foot and opening the protective membrane for meeting ceremony.

From here on a mostly hard and very rocky period in design begins, extremely limited to
time is _ working the stuff out!
Talking now about creating NEW things_ not just changing some lines…
It can be so frustrating that I question myself, why don’t I just stay at where I have just been in and do gallery art.
Maybe the answer for me is _ easy way = boring way.
(click it and print it if you want_ it`s big enough!)