Thumbnail painting


I badly need practice again in this! The view out of my window here in Pforzheim where I sit all day long and try to revolution the car industry_ this Semester for AUDI.
By the time I finished the thumb sketch it was totally dark 17.45 _ so 10min sketch is way too slow for this time. I like the reflection of my screen. Who recognizes the robots on the right?

TOOLBOX* (asIstillcallit.)

..Or also known as NV200, show car for the Tokyo auto salon, has just been released.
If I wouldn’t have spent the money on my V8 (which should come on 27.Nov-YEAH!)_
I’d definitely be in Tokyo now having great fun with some of the NDE team members.
Now here in Pforzheim, back on a sponsor project with AUDI, the time at NISSAN was rich of
Unforgettable experiences and amazing new friendships. No words to capture this time_ pure emotion! The most wonderful might be_ to really see something becoming touchable, useable just from a white peace of paper (or an empty file…), shown to the public and not like mostly locked away.
The feeling is kind like “illegal graffiti”_ only the ones who should know, know who did what.
Doing a car is like being in a “writers-crew”_ each member has a unique style and skill and supports one vision. In the end, the car is like a panel on a train _ done within a deadline, so compromises are standard.

Design is not always what you want.(butalwayswhatIwant.)

foglights in the exterior are flashlights to take out_

see thE smileies above with the beard_

whoever still hasn`t got enough should check here for a clip. Music is great ,) I still miss the A-TEAM version!!
Bertrand_ what are you doing??
Finally, never forget_ ITZ ALL ABOUT THE FUN* THNX LÖNDÖN



The showcar “NV200”, I´ve worked on during my time at Nissan is already shown online,

before the Tokyo autoshow.

Great to see all the work come so far and been released now to the public and NOT locked away,

or like in the graff-scene “buffed of in the yard”.

Have a look to youtube and get a first impression of the TOOLBOX, as I liked to call it.

I love the Music they`ve choosed_ like in the 80ies when diving was really big!

The A-team sound wouldn`t be a bad decission eather… I think I should mail Bertrand, my little french friend and do a version .)

I guess there will always be components and corners you will never stop to complain about _

while they are limited to the budget,time or just the decission of the authority you can`t run over .)

The various experience in designprocess I have made during this project,the people I have met and friends I have made not to forget the trust the whole team,company had put into me and my work is a very nice gift!

I hope we get another chanche in the future…



Just found this little animation again. It was done for the 4th semester project,“XGR -xtreme gravity racer”. To see the process of the project from sketches,paintings,concepts to the final CAD-renderings _ check mywebsite and go to Private/Transportation/Avalanche.

” C.Falkenhagen send me this image, he was able to shoot_
while I had to stop the downhill for a sprint behind the bush. “

YES, I have to transform everything into a toy!

I was thinking durig the whole semester_ ANTIGRAVITATION,IS THE KEY! But nobody believed in it(why-O-why),

besides my old fellow A.ZAJAC!

He build these turbines, in the end crazy realistic looking,with every screw_ but I had never time to support these modells with doing nice renderings…. maybe when I`m retired one day and this data is still alive!

SanDiego ComicCon*07


The first resampling Prototypes of my original vs.YOU had arrived to the ComicCon and sneaked into three different booths. As I am personally very stuck to do the vs.YOU in Resin and not in Vinyl _ a lot of things are not as easy as thought.
The last weeks during the Internship at BMW where very rough, so there was not any time to progress. BUT I´m very optimistic that this toy will be availible in a very limited edition in the end of THIS YEAR! Finally, it`s called vs.YOU_ isn´t it?



Nick Mannion is a friend I made during the time in London. When the San Diego Comic-Con was about to start, Nick came over to LA to prepare his booth he had at the show to preview his Robots .
As Nick does a lot of work for LEGO, we where able to use the Lego-Loft in Hollywood,
as Marty, theBOSS was on travel again, we had CNTRL!
I was asked to do a costume for the show, so we went to hunt and Nick got me a couple Star-Wars kits!

Recognize some famous parts?
I called it “MUC_ ” as I was inspired by my former mentor Z-ROC who had
build amazing Graffiti-Styles while useing similar modell-kits.

NEW mechanix BUDY _ ARON!

Robots in the back of the DW building_ too bad I had no cans, just a bit tape…
Aron in his famous ROD.
Aron is one of the guys who helped me out with the buick…
Carl was the other car-geek.
Their help and knowledge saved myself in the end a couple hundred bucks!
Thanks again!
(Adrian, NO WORRIES _ he´s just doing the things you`re not able to,YET! )

Lä ägain.

Daniel made me eat this 6Dollar CarlsJr. Burger _ “to get me down to earth” he said….
(OK,I did enjoy.)
…BEFORE checking into the SOFITEL on Beverly!
OH-YES, it´s good to have friends .)



right around the corner there was this tiny breakfast spot… damn, what was the name,Daniel?

GIGANTIC SEAWEED _ just perfect to snatch Daniel… CHO-PTSCHOU!

OXNARD, or better “FOGNARD” as this was one of the sunny days in the old surfer-community,steps from the beach.

As the weekend was over once again, and Daniel and I left BeverlyHills to head Oxnard _ where I lived for 4month while working at DesignworksUSA in the automotive department.
I had a very interesting time at BMW and got kind of comfortable with the California kind of livin`.
Too bad that the work I´ve done in the time there is all confidential again, but maybe I can release it someday .)